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Next time, you'll need to do a lot better than that.


I can't find the restaurant.

Try this candy.

Can you describe them?

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He died fighting in the Vietnam War.

The results of our opinion poll permit some interesting conclusions.

She relented.

Do you give any credence to the rumours concerning Kevan?

Julian was wrong?

You're not a very good negotiator, are you?

I wonder if he dares try again.

Arlene forgot to give me back my dictionary.

What's the most important in life?


I want to grow old with my wife.


I don't need you telling me how to do my job.


I don't like spoiled children.


I don't remember buying this.

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Why don't you go and join him?

From an objective viewpoint, his argument was far from rational.

I am wearing my silver jewelry.

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Pedro's trial started today.


I didn't use to smoke.

Blame this rain!

Do you have any idea when the bank closes?

It's not every day one gets an opportunity to meet him.

Hughes can play tennis quite well.

I didn't agree to any of this.

We hold that economy will soon improve.


I'm different from everyone else.


Do you know a better way than this?

I have to find them now.

"Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all."


He noticed that this drug seemed to inhibit bacterial growth.

I had to try to convince him.

This generous offer may be a mere pose.

You can meet Damone there.

Tuna and Heather were classmates.


I can be here for a while longer if you need me.

Many of the guests overstayed their welcome.

Are they friendly?


Phiroze certainly seemed inspired.


Much confusion ensued following this news report.


I like watermelon.

I was going to try and reason with Loren.

I can take you home now.

Did Hamilton drive himself home?

Antony rents a three-room apartment.

That accident is a good example of his carelessness.

Pain will make you do stupid things.

He damned his men right and left.

They are very compatible.

I thought it my duty to tell you the truth.

Let's take a walk on the beach.

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I'm sure Fritz wouldn't disapprove.

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Students often study with music playing in the background, and people working around the house will usually turn on the television or radio to keep them company.

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Don't you realize what you've done?

Let's forget it for now.

There is some truth in what Loren says.

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This kid just isn't possible.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Nathan promised it would be done.

I'm practically an adult already.

It looks like there are now over two thousand Uyghur sentences on Tatoeba!


The US will one day elect its first woman president, and there will be rejoicing in the long overdue occasion.

Srinivasan keeps getting hurt.

Last year, he failed two of his final examinations.

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Darci is very unhappy.

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You don't smoke, do you?

He's very good at playing baseball.

Right on schedule, that contractor came around today, begging for more time.

Lea is sound asleep.

I only speak a smattering of Japanese.


Yesterday I saw a sign in a sushi restaurant saying 'We are a Taiwanese company'.

I was called into the office first.

I cannot shake hands with the mayor. I had an argument with him last week.

I'll check your vision.

Grandmother believes that Chinese medicines are the best.

At first, he sounded very sincere.

She is someone you can trust.

We have a little surprise for you.

I heard that you are also collecting stamps.


Janos was desperate to sell his car.

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He told us this morning his name was Pete.


I didn't vote in the last election.

Couldn't you just do it later?

There were three buttons on the lower back of the robot.

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Do you regret marrying me?

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Has Henry ever been a problem?

Say that again if you are a man!

Nathaniel has done this once before.


We want Elliott to be successful.

Japan is an industrial country.

I did some shopping for Christmas on my way home.


Boston is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


This sweater is made by hand.


Hey, look what I'm going to do.

I'll go if you make me.

Vicky and Hillel take turns taking out the garbage.

Clark and Boyce are married, but not to each other.

Sorry, I'm bad at explaining.

The room was warm.

I only want Ron.

I got Mwa to sign the new contract.

Stop arguing about money.

Naren lives all by himself in a small cabin in the woods.

We therefore introduce a small portable cabin that can be divided in half and can be carried anywhere.


Did you see yesterday's match against Australia?

What's it all mean?

I'm going and that's that.

We have quite a lot of work to do.

Rafik never confessed.

Lenny wants to know why Sergiu is dead.

You're probably expecting Lorenzo to arrive on time.

You are a wolf in sheep's clothing.

We'll come with you.

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I like to translate your sentences.

Everyone remembers the happy days of his youth as his halcyon days.

How long it is!

The train was thirty minutes late.

Take a walk.

Do you like the rod?

Where were you hurt?

You should probably tell Francois what to do.

Hanako turned out to be a surprisingly nice person.


It is going to rain this afternoon.

The professor briefly and clearly described the topic of his study.

I would like shoes like that.

He saved the day.

Grapes are made into wine.

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Tell them that someone was asking for them here.

Erik started using anti-aging cream when she was 14.

Simon left the building at about 6 p.m.


Because of Linda's outstanding grades last semester, I have arranged for her to visit Europe.

I hope that I gave you enough money to buy everything you needed.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.

This car runs on alcohol.

I felt responsible for Heinrich's accident.


She was laughed at by her friends.

I drink alcohol.

Hirofumi is hoping Nancy will just go away.

I don't doubt that she is married.

His idleness resulted in the failure, and with reason.

Bret is still in love with you, I think.

Next time we'll agree on a meeting place.

Take this, honey.

Murthy told us to stop talking.


She's gentle and patient.


There was only one bottle of beer in the fridge.

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His letter made me angry.


He is better off than ever before.

We haven't got a lot of time.

Is there a free spot?

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Many early cars used a tiller instead of a steering wheel.

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The newly promoted junior manager, drunk with power, lorded it over his former co-workers.